to explore
new chemical space

Research Philosophy

Imagine we could control the shape of molecules by performing precise mechanical tasks on the molecular scale. This would allow us to extrapolate mechanical concepts from the macroscopic world down to the molecular world, opening up new ways to manipulate matter on the molecular scale. But this is easier said than done, as these two worlds follow very different rules: compared to the macroscopic world, the molecular world is dominated by random Brownian, making even simple mechanical tasks difficult to perform.

To solve this issue, we invent molecular machines to use them as tools to mechanically control molecules. Our current research shows how molecules can be stretched, wound or broken.

We are Scientists

Group Philosophy

Fundamental research is a creative discipline. It requires imagination. It is driven by curiosity.
As molecular machinists we are inventors and explorers at the same time: we engineer a molecular machine to use it as a tool to discover new chemical space. This requires a creative, communicative and open-minded working environment, where problems are approached from different angles. We believe that this can only be achieved with a diverse team.

Interested in joining our group? Please contact Michael directly.